Monday, March 28, 2011

3D Max.. Pain or Pleasure?

Okay... SO we started working on 3D Max, first assignment being to create 4 different rooms with different lighting effects, sounds easy right? pff.. think again. Although the concept of 3D Max seems easy enough relating to CAD, it is way more tedious than expected! The rendering abouve is not my own.. but hopefully my own renderings will be of the same standard at the end of the year. THUMBS UP! :)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Super Special Spatial Space*

So... Designing an interactive museum is easy right?! Chuck in a few interesting looking random objects and ta-dah! no.. nope.. you were wrong. A space focussing on creating an emotional experience, especially when acting as a live 'biography' of Madiba's life, is very difficult to design.

Please be patient as this process unfolds over the next few blogs.. :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Madiba's face is what?!

So.. I've learnt from my graphic designer friend that I can't just use Madiba's face for my logo.. apparently it is trademarked ..and therefore you have to pay to use it - which won't happen on my student budget. This is a small bummer, but alas.. I shall find a solution.

I finally got hold of the original plans of my building.. which was done in 1957 (hand drawings with wonderful feet and inch measurements.. yippee), which meant that in my distressed state I sat a whole day on the floor with a ruler and calculator. Tshh... dit breek nou 'n mens se moed!

But what doesn't kill you.. only makes you stronger!! or addicted to coffee, which I think I've developed an intolerance to, time to move on to something stronger!*

Sunday, March 6, 2011

.. Moving in.

So.. I finally have a building. Hallelujah! The SARS building seems to be it! Although I had to battle many officials to get it, all the phone calls and bribing finally paid off! The building didn't interest me at first, but once inside I fell in love.. and knew it would be ideal for my proposed function as an interactive museum for Madiba, since it connects to the newly developed 'Route 67', which starts at the Campanile.