Monday, May 30, 2011

Awesome website!

Free fonts!!

DRY RUN: 69:03:15 to lift off

Okay.. so I'm not freaking out.. and although DRY run is around the corner, im pretty calm and collected. I hope to survive this week, and grow into a better, more refined caffienated person :P

Good luck to my fellow Btech ladies.. We can do it!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Taking F(light)*

Wille Willem Boshof _ Artist of the Month :)

"Prison Sentences"

" Seven pillars of Justice"

"Cheap Labour"

"Bangboek" - code language used to write letter in army

Please have a look at this amazing South-African artist... a lot of inspiration to be gained!!

EXAM time... Eeeeeek!

So time is quickly running out before exam time. With lots to do, time management skills are of the essence, this time of the year. So far, design has been finalised and now moving on into 3D renderings! heeehaaah! :) Cant believe time has flown so quickly, felt like just the other day that we were busy painting our new lab.

Other than a feeling of nostalgia, a feeling of nauseasness... eks naar okay.. van al die boeretroos wat niks troos nie.. pff.. ai. Maar nou ja. Moving on from coffee hangovers en brittle nails... Although stressed times lie ahead, we as a Btech class are very positive and will surely be surviving the June exam.. we hope :)

For now.. lets make friends with CAD and enjoy the last couple of weeks before holiday